In this special episode we dig deep into the latest announcements from Apple.

Show Notes




Sound Clips - Apple advert - boring - One More Thing - Shaun of the dead - Winchester Plan - apple store opening in china - You Shall Not Pass - Hand in Jar - iPhone 6 Advert - To Be The Man (Ric Flair ‘woo’) - Are you Geared Up?



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It's amazing to me that Thanos is pink skinned! A quick discussion of gender and racial representation in Marvel. 

Music and clips:

Everything You Need to Know About Thanos - Comics History 101

Thanos Theme-Marvel Super Heroes Soundtrack

Does He Look Like A Bitch?

Baby’s in Black 

Private William Hudson - THE ULTIMATE BADASS

Paint it Black 

Tomb Raider 1 Theme Music

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A discussion and rant about the latest Godzilla release by Mr Roland Emmerich, I mean Gareth Edwards.


Jamiroquiai: Deeper Underground.

GODZILLA: Symphonic Concert, T03: Symphonic Fantasia No. 1


JAWS 1975 - Main Title (Theme From Jaws) Full HD


ALIENS score "Combat Drop" (film version) Harry Rabinowitz


Kick-Ass: The Best Quotes and Lines


'Transformers': So bad it's historic


Godzilla roars 1954-2014


Godzilla - ROAR [HD]


25 great wayne's world quotes


Guardians of The Galaxy 2014 FULL Movie Soundtrack COMPLETE Album [CD1] & [CD2]


The Equalizer intro


Bryan Cranston's Favorite Erotic Fan Letter

jaws clip: "You're going to need a bigger boat"


The Dark Knight Rises - Ending Scene [1080p]

Spinal Tap - "These go to eleven...."

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Episode 13 -

I've never watched Game of Thrones, Charmaine, my new semi-regular co-host has never seen Futurama. Together we watch both series from the beginning and discuss their plots, characters while refering to other TV shows and movies along the way.

Sounds from:

Star Trek Deep Space Nine.

Baldurs Gate Intro.

X-Men 90s Intro.

Dwarves singing from the Hobbit.

Stargate Atlantis Intro.

Game of Thrones Intro.

Avengers A Promise Theme.

Only Lovers Left Behind.

Under the Skin.

The Shining.

Lightsaber sounds.

Off With His Head.

Zoidberg - Woop, Woop, Woop.

Homer - You are gay.

Doctor Who - Blink.

Connie Franics - I Will Wait For You.

Recorded on the 30th July. My first queued episode. Still don't have my Blue microphone.

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Show Notes:

  • Continuing on from 2013’s only episode regarding Superhero movies, we round it off with another discussion with the Marvel and D.C. movies, and characters that we've seen since 2013.
  • Then we talk about our expectations with these movies, how we discover the details and how they can be ruined for us with all the information available to us for today.
  • We slide quickly into Expendables 3 with Adam addressing its flaws.
  • Our positive thoughts on how good Captain America Two is even with its contrivances. How will a third one work?
  • We briefly talk TV shows that I'm in the various stages of viewing, such as Futurama, Homeland and Game of Thrones.
  • Adam takes issue with Robert Downey Jnr’s earnings. The consequences of watching popular youtube channels such as Cinema Sins and How It Should Have Ended.
  • To mirror our satisfaction with CA2 we call out Thor 2 as being a bit sucky.
  • We end on a small mention about the new podcast format as well.

Music provided by Versus Music Official.



(Adam has a new Blue Yeti mic, but it came with a bit of echo, we will work it out when I get my own. Also I think the silly bastard was clicking his pen. Oh dear).

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Adam and myself catch up on all the comic book movies made in the past few years. Discussing the entire X-men film series, Superman vs Batman, Iron Man 3 and we talk about whether we need another origin story for Batman.

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A two part special about Hong Kong as seen from the ground by myself and a good friend.

Show Notes

Wikipedia - Hong Kong

Wikipedia - Skyfallshooting locations

Wikipedia - Fraggle Rock/Doozers

Wikipedia - Komodo Dragon

Parts one and two of 'The Land Before I Understood Time' are on my blog at
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9 - The Land Before I Understood Time - Part 1

A two part special about Hong Kong as seen from the ground by myself and a good friend.

Show Notes

Wikipedia - Hong Kong

Wikipedia - Skyfall, shooting locations

Wikipedia - Fraggle Rock/Doozers

Wikipedia - Komodo Dragon

Parts one and two of 'The Land Before I Understood Time' are on my blog at


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Episode 8 After Show Discussion:

Some fathers attend their son's University graduations, MIB3 and 3D movies, I'm going to Hong Kong, Apple rumours are a waste of time, why have I given up the Internet for one day a week and how things change, reflecting on our ability to podcast, Clerks 1 and 2 movies, our next Apple purchases, Diablo 3 issues, Jack joins us from Hong Kong and is it gay to say another guy has a nice accent? 



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Already our eighth show is upon us and Adam with myself find ourselves discussing Ridley Scott's Prometheus for the first 40 minutes. So if you don't want to be spoiled, you can skip ahead (I employed the use of chapters in this episode for those who want to jum ahead), but we basically go over some of the plot points and reviews for this new take on the Alien mythology. Once we're satisfied we briefly round up the show with some extra WWDC discussion and some critiqing of the superhero films that happen upon us soon.

Show Notes:

Damon Lindelof interview

My review of Prometheus

Prometheus Unbound: What the Movie was Actually About (Updated with some really interesting videos which are not part of the discussion in the podcast).

Prometheus: Rebuilding hallowed vfx Space 

fxguidetv Visual Breakdown - Download

Music by Blink Twice with the album the Demon Haunted World



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