Discussion of episodes five and six of the 4th season of Game of Thrones.


  • A Tumblr gif spoiled a surprise.
  • Daro and his comebacks.
  • Littlefinger’s plotting and Lysa’s clunky dialogue.
  • The Hound and his awesome dialogue.
  • Hodor the neck snapper!
  • Clever death scenes.
  • Yara’s failure and her not fighting to the death.
  • The dragons, nobody cares about them back in King’s Landing.
  • Tyrion’s court case and all that setup?
  • How did Shae get back for her part in the trial?
  • Exploring Stannis’s comedic side.


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Discussion Topics

  • How Adam copes with his 16GB iPhone 6+ 
  • Other Apple woes
  • Our show compared to other franchises
  • Apple’s watch compared to other expensive watches
  • Everybody’s faces need to be shown in movie hero posters
  • Discussion of Neill Blomkamp’s films
  • The Joe Rogan Experience and his podcast and an explanation of the things he talks about
  • Back to the Future on kickstarter
  • Game of Thrones discussion - mostly series five.(SPOILERS)
  • Stargate discussion
  • Sci-Fi Channel rant
  • Podcast consumption
  • My future with podcasting

Show Notes

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Show Highlights


Adam does his best Abraham Simpson impression while ranting about the Apple Watch in this Apple themed episode. It’s looks like he doesn’t like it. I’m more fair, but I have my moments with the USB ports of the Macbook.


In this episode we talk about whether the watch will ‘sell’, will be a game changer or it’s a shiny shiny because of it’s logo. What kind of success will it have, iPod, Apple TV or iPhone success? Is it even a viable solution to the mobile computer user?


Why didn’t they put more battery in the strap?


Afterwards we discuss the Macbook. Do you think it’s fair that the Apple TV is cheaper than the Macbook dongle? How is the force touch?


Who writes Phil Schiller's jokes? When you think about it, it get's awkward.


Show Notes



We discuss what is a never ending question - which is better? The books or the series? We cite a recent the verge article which reports which characters could die in the fifth season and the diverging of storylines in the mediums.


The other important topic is the rape of Cersei.




If you are new to the show you can subcribe here.

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UPDATE: A kind listener has cleaned up the audio file to remove some background noises. Thank you Luca.



In this special episode we have a reading of the recent New Yorker article by Ian Parker. The article is about Apple with the focus on Apple’s Sir Jonathan Ive.


The idea was given to me by Mike Hurley of fame. So if people find the 17,000 word article too long to read, now you can listen with a variable speed with whatever your podcast app of choice may be.


11:45 - Chapter 2 - The Studio

34:02 - Chapter 3 - Managing Newness

1:05:00- Chapter 4 - A Tap On the Wrist


(Note, if you can hear a slight background whine, then I do apologise, the neighbours are weird, thankfully it ends around 40 minutes into the reading).




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This week Adam and myself discuss the CGP video 'Humans Need Not Apply'. We start with a breakdown of the video and then go on to discuss some of the solutions to the issues raised by having huge levels of automation in the work force, estimates reckon it could be as high as 45% so what are the societal implications of this. Along the way we reference pop culture.

It sounds like a serious discussion, but this won't be, Adam makes sure of that. - Humans Need Not Apply (video)


Wallace - Everybody Knows The Moon's Made of Cheese

Fall Out Boy - Immortals (From "Big Hero 6")

The Terminator music

The Smiths - Panic

Flight Of The Conchords - The Humans Are Dead

Kraftwerk - The Robots

Mr. Roboto- Styx

I knew you'd say that- Judge Dredd

Si, 3PO | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim

Total Recall Johnny Cab

R.E.M. - It's The End Of The World

Robot Dubstep Mix


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This is not an advert.

I discuss with Charmaine my first week with Squarespace and talk about some podcasts. We touch on the Momentum template,,, smodcast network (Kevin Smith's podcast network) and John Gruber's the Talk Show.

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Welcome to episode 26 of JPG. This one is game of thrones related, but we are doing something different, we are going to make the episodes shorter by talking about two episodes at a time. But it also means we can have more shows!



Game Of Thrones - Full Soundtrack Season 1-4



Game of Thrones - The Hound Funniest Moment (Chicken Scene)

Family Guy - Dinner with Jesus

Beetlejuice - Shrunken Head

Michael Bolton - When a man loves a woman

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Basically I can't work a TV.

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We start by talking about with faffing around with USB cables because there are no decent USB 3 hubs and with ordering coffee.


Adam for some reason has never played any Forgotten Realms' games, in this episode Jonathan convince's him to do so now that Beamdog have brought out the excellent Enhanced Edition of IceWind Dale.


The main topic starts with our earliest consoles and our first RPGs. We tackle some of the biggest titles like Baldurs Gate, Baldurs Gate II, Icewind Dale, Icewind Dale II, Planescape Torment (mentioning the kickstarter sequel), Diablo I, II, III and Fallout 3.


We remember the moments that make these games so memorable for us and hopefully after 16 years, I’ll get Adam to try a game from the Forgotten Realms franchise again.




The Golden Pantaloons mystery solved after 16 years.


Rivet City? - Fallout3 nuking Rivet city - YouTube


Pillars of Eternity




Planescape: Torment Soundtrack (Full)

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