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In episode 18 we go against one another in the review of Marvel's latest creation.


Environmental messaging buried in “Guardians of the Galaxy.”


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Show Notes:

  • Continuing on from 2013’s only episode regarding Superhero movies, we round it off with another discussion with the Marvel and D.C. movies, and characters that we've seen since 2013.
  • Then we talk about our expectations with these movies, how we discover the details and how they can be ruined for us with all the information available to us for today.
  • We slide quickly into Expendables 3 with Adam addressing its flaws.
  • Our positive thoughts on how good Captain America Two is even with its contrivances. How will a third one work?
  • We briefly talk TV shows that I'm in the various stages of viewing, such as Futurama, Homeland and Game of Thrones.
  • Adam takes issue with Robert Downey Jnr’s earnings. The consequences of watching popular youtube channels such as Cinema Sins and How It Should Have Ended.
  • To mirror our satisfaction with CA2 we call out Thor 2 as being a bit sucky.
  • We end on a small mention about the new podcast format as well.

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(Adam has a new Blue Yeti mic, but it came with a bit of echo, we will work it out when I get my own. Also I think the silly bastard was clicking his pen. Oh dear).

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Adam and myself catch up on all the comic book movies made in the past few years. Discussing the entire X-men film series, Superman vs Batman, Iron Man 3 and we talk about whether we need another origin story for Batman.

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SPOILERS are in this episode. Duh!

"Don't get up there's more" said the usher after the movie had ended.

Jonathan thought at the last moment; that Adam is visiting and there are five of us together who set out to watch this movie. Why not celebrate the awesomeness that is the 'Avengers' and do a special roundtable discussion about it. We've come straight from the cinema (whole 2 minutes from my apartment) and unloaded into the laptop we're surrounding. This is very raw and uncut so expect plenty of spoilers and hilarity coming from us. You have been warned. Considering it was recorded with just the MacBook Pro mic, it's pretty good, enjoy!

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