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It's amazing to me that Thanos is pink skinned! A quick discussion of gender and racial representation in Marvel. 

Music and clips:

Everything You Need to Know About Thanos - Comics History 101

Thanos Theme-Marvel Super Heroes Soundtrack

Does He Look Like A Bitch?

Baby’s in Black 

Private William Hudson - THE ULTIMATE BADASS

Paint it Black 

Tomb Raider 1 Theme Music

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A discussion and rant about the latest Godzilla release by Mr Roland Emmerich, I mean Gareth Edwards.


Jamiroquiai: Deeper Underground.

GODZILLA: Symphonic Concert, T03: Symphonic Fantasia No. 1


JAWS 1975 - Main Title (Theme From Jaws) Full HD


ALIENS score "Combat Drop" (film version) Harry Rabinowitz


Kick-Ass: The Best Quotes and Lines


'Transformers': So bad it's historic


Godzilla roars 1954-2014


Godzilla - ROAR [HD]


25 great wayne's world quotes


Guardians of The Galaxy 2014 FULL Movie Soundtrack COMPLETE Album [CD1] & [CD2]


The Equalizer intro


Bryan Cranston's Favorite Erotic Fan Letter

jaws clip: "You're going to need a bigger boat"


The Dark Knight Rises - Ending Scene [1080p]

Spinal Tap - "These go to eleven...."

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Episode 8 After Show Discussion:

Some fathers attend their son's University graduations, MIB3 and 3D movies, I'm going to Hong Kong, Apple rumours are a waste of time, why have I given up the Internet for one day a week and how things change, reflecting on our ability to podcast, Clerks 1 and 2 movies, our next Apple purchases, Diablo 3 issues, Jack joins us from Hong Kong and is it gay to say another guy has a nice accent? 



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Episode 5 After Show.

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In our 5th show, Jonathan Morris and Adam Hale discuss Star Wars Machete (again), the Red Letter Media movie review website, the soon to be released Avengers movie with a defence of Captain America, Wired's article on iPhone battery savings, a ranty discussion for and against televised wrestling which turns into some nostalgia as well.

Show Notes

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Episode 3 After Show.

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Welcome to our third show, a movie centric episode. Journalism and photography is on hold until Alex finds time to escape his new life in Canada.

This time the show mostly consists of Adam trying to break me into some movie news and discovers I won't get riled up. We follow up with some previous topics covered in our last episode and I welcome Adam to the present after he discusses his new iPhone 4S purchase, show my disaproval for missing out on the great deal that was NeverWinter Nights 2 for 69p on the Mac App Store and unbelievably some people still haven't seen Star Wars so what order should they really view the saga?


Show Notes can be found at

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