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We complain about the new Marvel DC release, no sorry how could I possibly confuse the two when there is such a difference between the two franchises? We also talk a bit more about Apple news and discuss some of my Periscope endeavours. - Batman v Superman: The Fundamental Flaw

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We bitch about Google Hangouts and discuss our headphone choices.

Adam didn't bother to give me the link to the headphones, i rang him, emailed him, whatsapp'd him, sent a telegram, fuck it, cheap and nasty sounding shit anyway probably! Haha

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In the after show we talk about the way Apple presented their keynote, periscope and periscope trolls, data caps, mobile phone contracts, Z-grade celebrities, American Football, sumo wresters, Fantastic Four and The Thing wearing nothing, Avengers extra scenes on youtube and Attack on Titan.


Avengers: Age Of Ultron | All Deleted Scenes | Exclusive 

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Charmaine and myself are back for discussing Game of Thrones, we get enough time to discuss two episodes from the only TV series that I currently watch!

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Random discussion of things Periscope.

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In this episode myself and Adam go to town on the latest theatrical release from Marvel, before that we get into some trailer discussion of trailers that I shouldn't have watched and we do a mini-rant about Apple's software currently.

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We get together myself and Adam and just have a general chit chat about the recent going ons recently.

We discuss Pertscope and how it would work between us to set up a live stream (hint it won't), we get into some WWDC discussion, I give the notes app some love, we also talk briefly about movies, Jurassic World, Mad Max, Robocop, the new Terminator trailer, touching on a bit of Game of Thrones, spoiling things with memes, famous people dying and we end on some Star Trek nostalgia.


A graphic tale: the visual effects of Mad Max: Fury Road. 

Mad Max: Fury Road

Commander Riker TV series 

El Capitan by John Philip Sousa

Mastodon - White Walker

Deep Space Nine Theme

Next Generation Theme

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Discussion Topics

  • How Adam copes with his 16GB iPhone 6+ 
  • Other Apple woes
  • Our show compared to other franchises
  • Apple’s watch compared to other expensive watches
  • Everybody’s faces need to be shown in movie hero posters
  • Discussion of Neill Blomkamp’s films
  • The Joe Rogan Experience and his podcast and an explanation of the things he talks about
  • Back to the Future on kickstarter
  • Game of Thrones discussion - mostly series five.(SPOILERS)
  • Stargate discussion
  • Sci-Fi Channel rant
  • Podcast consumption
  • My future with podcasting

Show Notes

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Basically I can't work a TV.

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