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I discuss the Mevo Camera, losing my drone and some future plans.

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In this episode we discuss the recent Apple Keynote for September 2016. In here we lament the loss of Steve Jobs’ ability to keep us on the edge of our seats, the new Apple Watch, of course the new iPhone, gripe about charging batteries all fucking day, my new DJI Phantom4, the lack of true tone with the iPhone, a little issue of the headphone jack being removed, why didn’t apple just release a phone with two ports instead of an adapter and we discuss buying Apple iPhones on release day.

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Show Notes

This week Jonathan is all alone and what better to do when alone, er... talk about his first month with SquareSpace.

As a photographer, podcaster and blogger I talk about how it works or doesn't work for me. Also at the end is a little bit about Logic Pro X.

Show Links

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How I podcast: Editing

How Apple could make GarageBand better for podcasters

logic pro strip silence (search).

Strip Silence Podcasting (search).

Noise Gate for podcasting (search).

Logic Pro X: Use Varispeed to alter the speed and pitch of audio

Logic 9 How-To: Export your music from Logic

Show Music

Sonic Adventure "Station Square" Music Request

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This is not an advert.

I discuss with Charmaine my first week with Squarespace and talk about some podcasts. We touch on the Momentum template,,, smodcast network (Kevin Smith's podcast network) and John Gruber's the Talk Show.

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In this special episode we dig deep into the latest announcements from Apple.

Show Notes




Sound Clips - Apple advert - boring - One More Thing - Shaun of the dead - Winchester Plan - apple store opening in china - You Shall Not Pass - Hand in Jar - iPhone 6 Advert - To Be The Man (Ric Flair ‘woo’) - Are you Geared Up?



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A two part special about Hong Kong as seen from the ground by myself and a good friend.

Show Notes

Wikipedia - Hong Kong

Wikipedia - Skyfallshooting locations

Wikipedia - Fraggle Rock/Doozers

Wikipedia - Komodo Dragon

Parts one and two of 'The Land Before I Understood Time' are on my blog at
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9 - The Land Before I Understood Time - Part 1

A two part special about Hong Kong as seen from the ground by myself and a good friend.

Show Notes

Wikipedia - Hong Kong

Wikipedia - Skyfall, shooting locations

Wikipedia - Fraggle Rock/Doozers

Wikipedia - Komodo Dragon

Parts one and two of 'The Land Before I Understood Time' are on my blog at


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Already our eighth show is upon us and Adam with myself find ourselves discussing Ridley Scott's Prometheus for the first 40 minutes. So if you don't want to be spoiled, you can skip ahead (I employed the use of chapters in this episode for those who want to jum ahead), but we basically go over some of the plot points and reviews for this new take on the Alien mythology. Once we're satisfied we briefly round up the show with some extra WWDC discussion and some critiqing of the superhero films that happen upon us soon.

Show Notes:

Damon Lindelof interview

My review of Prometheus

Prometheus Unbound: What the Movie was Actually About (Updated with some really interesting videos which are not part of the discussion in the podcast).

Prometheus: Rebuilding hallowed vfx Space 

fxguidetv Visual Breakdown - Download

Music by Blink Twice with the album the Demon Haunted World



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A rather laid back podcast to reunite us after a long break. Adam has no excuse however next week.

This episode we talk about WWDC, Instacast, Once Magazine, Paul Noble along with learning a language and Jonathan runs through his list of the podcasts he listens to. While an After Show is mentioned, there isn't one, the recording doo hickey wasn't running at 88mph and we didn't have a bolt of lighting handy either so what we talked about wasn't recorded, but it will be saved for a future show.

Show Notes can be found at

Episode Music by Quinton (Radiohead Kid A and OK Computer in 8bit).


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Welcome to our fourth podcast, in this episode Alex and myself discuss Instagram; with it's recent purchase by Facebook and Instagram's growing role within Photography and Photojournalism. We also spend discussing Alex's move to Canada and what are his first impressions and we reflect on KONY2012 and compare its media attention to similar projects (like Aaron Huey's: American Natives Prisoners of War TED talk & TED wish) that haven't been given the same attention they should deserve, especially when they are closer to home.

Show Notes

02:00 - Facebook buys Instagram

How to Export Your Instagram Photos Before Facebook Ruins Everything (Gizmodo), Why is Instagram worth $1 Billion to Facebook and Zuckerberg, (Suntimes)

40:35 - Instagram's role within Photography and Photojournalism

War Never Looked So Hip (Duckrabbit), Photojournalists debate ethics of Instagram, Hipstamatic (, See the Eyes of VII in the Hands of Hipstamatic (Griffinmuseum), Instagram is the Best, Instagram is the Worst (TheVerge), iSay: Stephen Mayes on Smart Phones, photography and the future (,

1:16:50 - Alex's First Impressions of Canada

1:27:40 - What About Aaron Huey and his Force for Change?

Aaron Huey: America's Prisoners of War (TED)

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