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Welcome back, it's been a long time and with that, Adam and myself start with re-understanding of how we start podcasting.

On top of trying to not watch trailers, I’m kneecapping the other side of the cineama experience by not even going any more. I’m waiting till the movies come out on iTunes in some form. Better value and less idiots to ruin the experience.

We add our own entry to the collective circle jerk of opinions about a movie while people are getting gassed in Syria. Shit this took a dark turn…

Rogue One is our film where spacehoppers are necessary to join in on the plot and Disney wants you to know the character’s died. There is a real life twist to this unique ending to a Disney movie. I read so far into the ending.

We put our SJW hats on and raise the important issue calling out racism where we see it and how Gareth Edwards is probably a racist with the subverting of black characters from not only RO, but his other films.

We have a quick discussion between which new Star Wars movie was better, the issue with Tarkin’s CGI representation, RO’s ending, the pronoun game, the dumbing down of movies: the story serves the studio rather than the story.

We also discuss the new trailer for DC’s Justice League (actually I didn’t see the new new one, but Adam did during podcast production), cheap movies from iTunes 

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Westwood’s BladeRunner

E Tu Mama Tambien

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We really catch up here as we haven't been together for a while.

Myself and Adam open with some discussion to find a third host for the show who also lives in Hong Kong. Then we discuss 80s/90s nostalgia (discovering the truth behind the Power Rangers) and the most metal parts of the original transformers movie. None of the Michael Bay shit.

We touch on the topic of the new iPhone 7, nitpicking the nitpickers who bought them, whats my work flow like with only one lightning port. We come to the conclusion Apple should troll the press and call the 10th anniversary a 7s even though its all new. We discuss what we like and dislike about the new phone, and tangentially talk about some Apple products like icloud backups finally working for me. We didn't forget the camera bump.

That new Mario game, have you heard of it? Surprisingly some people haven't, nor the original Nintendo. Nostalgia creeps in.

Did you know its still a thing how people complain about the price of an app on the App Store. I get warnings from Apple on their refund policy.

Consequences of digital devices as pacificers - how do we go about developing new behavours and norms around them, using phones in cinemas. Why do people do this? Because of that I want to download movies on itunes instead of going to the cinema now.

I finally have something to watch and discuss with Adam, Stranger Things is on the menu.

Is the setting actually accurate? Comparing it against milestone 80s movies. I’m also on the penultimate episode! I don’t know what happens for the season finale!

Quick discussion of Doctor Strange and how they butchered the Hong Kong scenes.

Last topic, is the price of computing set to rise and nobody told us? We reflect on the release of the new MacBook Pro and whats to come with the iMac in 2017.

SHOW LINKS - Power Rangers Season 1 intro - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1987 intro (HQ).mp4 - Stranger Things (2016) - Original Soundtrack Vol. 1 (Audio) 


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Stuff 'happens' in these two episodes, Adam is happier.

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Adam says nothing really happens in the first three episodes of Game of Thrones, fuck him because I had to do a podcast all by myself.

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In this episode I will dominate the last 5 episodes of Game of Thrones because nobody else can do it with me. It's all me, not since episode 29 did this happen. 

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We were going to talk about Game of Thrones Season 6 along with rounding out our episode discussion of season 5, but instead we chose the new Batman v Superman, disCUSSing the characters and the direction of what should be history in the making.  

Is this movie a throwaway just like the Kryptonite spear?

Are there problems with the CGI, with Wonder Woman and the pace of the franchise? All of these questions can be answered with an easy yes, but listen for the detailed low down. We also discuss the Suicide Squad trailers and some Youtubers who cover these topics very well.


Gender percentage


Nerd Talk (Matthew Sky Osbourne lent his voice for the discussion via Anchor)

Superman Christopher Reeve Defeated by Kryptonite

Emergency Awesome (Youtube Channel)

Wonder Woman 2009 Ending Theme

WONDER WOMAN Theme / Music Is She With You? | Batman v Superman OST | Hans Zimmer & Junkie XL | HD

Wonder Woman Season 2 - Opening Theme 2

Batman intro (1966)

Batman Theme 1989 (720p HQ Telarc)

Superman: Doomsday

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer Music ( piano cover)

The Flash Theme Song Extended Version 

Doctor Who - Doomsday Theme 

The Flash - Intro 

The Death and Return of Superman SNES Title Music

Batman V Superman "Hello Darkness" 


Marvel's Daredevil Main theme (4 Mins)




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I've been away for so long, Jonathan really wanted to come back, Charmaine has left us sadly, a hole still needs filling. Adam joins me to finish off the season 5 discussion of Game of Thrones Episode 5 and we talk about how OS X updates have killed my Yeti mic when using it with my Mac. Jonathan sees the future and podcasts on his iPhone and iPad. We talk about an old game called Godsville, a new game called Pillars of Eternity, Fallout series of games.

We also talk about my lack of a film trailer policy now, but we agree trailers show too much, how would Jonathan edit them down, Batman v superman movie discussion (before we see it), Suicide Squad anticipation, Deadpool discussion (we have seen it) and the new shitty Ghostbusters trailer,


Joe Rogan on Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Series 6 Breakdown

Kind Ramsey Bolton

Ghostbusters 3



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The second part of our two part discussion of Jodie Foster's 1997 film 'Contact' with Chris.

Chris wants to bring movies to JPG that we can question because they leave us with something to think about. We'll try to explore these themes and questions further.

In part two we let you know that no matter how heated it got in part one, everything's okay between us. Even if we turn things up to 11 and argue big time about technlogy and whether technology actually makes us happy as a society and on an dividual level. I drop the f bomb and I then end everything by cutting through the bullshit that is the ending of 'Contact'.

An insightful, but ranty nitpicking discussion. 

At the end I sign off with our next movie for those that want to rewatch another classic before we podcast it.

Show Music

Daft Punk - Contact

Contact soundtrack

Huey Lewis - Power of Love




We open with our frustrations about iTunes and Adam finds Yosemite a little bit better with a newly discovered option for dashboard.


Age of Ultron trailer which I haven’t watched.


Marvel’s lineup of movies is disappointing on two fronts.


We then discuss and compare the Terminator, Jurassic World and Star Wars movie trailers.


Terminator Genisys trailer review


The Arnold Schwarzenegger "I'll Be Back" Supercut

Arnold Schwarzenegger and John Milius on Conan The Barbarian

Jurassic Park (8/10) Movie CLIP - Clever Girl (1993) HD

Stephen Colbert reacts to Star Wars VII trailer; defends new lightsaber design

Wes Anderson Presents: Star Wars Force Awakens Trailer

I'm Han Solo - Kinect Star Wars Gameplay

Star Wars (NES) Soundtrack - Stereo


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