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We complain about the new Marvel DC release, no sorry how could I possibly confuse the two when there is such a difference between the two franchises? We also talk a bit more about Apple news and discuss some of my Periscope endeavours. - Batman v Superman: The Fundamental Flaw

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In this episode we discuss the recent Apple Keynote for September 2016. In here we lament the loss of Steve Jobs’ ability to keep us on the edge of our seats, the new Apple Watch, of course the new iPhone, gripe about charging batteries all fucking day, my new DJI Phantom4, the lack of true tone with the iPhone, a little issue of the headphone jack being removed, why didn’t apple just release a phone with two ports instead of an adapter and we discuss buying Apple iPhones on release day.

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We bitch about Google Hangouts and discuss our headphone choices.

Adam didn't bother to give me the link to the headphones, i rang him, emailed him, whatsapp'd him, sent a telegram, fuck it, cheap and nasty sounding shit anyway probably! Haha

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