We get together myself and Adam and just have a general chit chat about the recent going ons recently.

We discuss Pertscope and how it would work between us to set up a live stream (hint it won't), we get into some WWDC discussion, I give the notes app some love, we also talk briefly about movies, Jurassic World, Mad Max, Robocop, the new Terminator trailer, touching on a bit of Game of Thrones, spoiling things with memes, famous people dying and we end on some Star Trek nostalgia.


A graphic tale: the visual effects of Mad Max: Fury Road. 

Mad Max: Fury Road

Commander Riker TV series 

El Capitan by John Philip Sousa

Mastodon - White Walker

Deep Space Nine Theme

Next Generation Theme

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This episode we discuss episode two of our favourite TV series. It's also our first recorded live.

Recorded on 02/06/15

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Discussion of the first episode of Game of Thrones Season 5.



Game of Thrones Season 5 - Trailer #2 Song "Rather death than slavery"

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Show Notes

Adam returns and together we talk about the latest movie release from Marvel, we discuss the highs and the lows. We also discuss some of the upcoming superhero movies.

Show Links

Leaked Email From Marvel CEO Is A Listicle About Why Women Can't Be Superheroes.

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