Discussion Topics

  • How Adam copes with his 16GB iPhone 6+ 
  • Other Apple woes
  • Our show compared to other franchises
  • Apple’s watch compared to other expensive watches
  • Everybody’s faces need to be shown in movie hero posters
  • Discussion of Neill Blomkamp’s films
  • The Joe Rogan Experience and his podcast and an explanation of the things he talks about
  • Back to the Future on kickstarter
  • Game of Thrones discussion - mostly series five.(SPOILERS)
  • Stargate discussion
  • Sci-Fi Channel rant
  • Podcast consumption
  • My future with podcasting

Show Notes

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Show Highlights


Adam does his best Abraham Simpson impression while ranting about the Apple Watch in this Apple themed episode. It’s looks like he doesn’t like it. I’m more fair, but I have my moments with the USB ports of the Macbook.


In this episode we talk about whether the watch will ‘sell’, will be a game changer or it’s a shiny shiny because of it’s logo. What kind of success will it have, iPod, Apple TV or iPhone success? Is it even a viable solution to the mobile computer user?


Why didn’t they put more battery in the strap?


Afterwards we discuss the Macbook. Do you think it’s fair that the Apple TV is cheaper than the Macbook dongle? How is the force touch?


Who writes Phil Schiller's jokes? When you think about it, it get's awkward.


Show Notes



We discuss what is a never ending question - which is better? The books or the series? We cite a recent the verge article which reports which characters could die in the fifth season and the diverging of storylines in the mediums.


The other important topic is the rape of Cersei.




If you are new to the show you can subcribe here.

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