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We open with our frustrations about iTunes and Adam finds Yosemite a little bit better with a newly discovered option for dashboard.


Age of Ultron trailer which I haven’t watched.


Marvel’s lineup of movies is disappointing on two fronts.


We then discuss and compare the Terminator, Jurassic World and Star Wars movie trailers.


Terminator Genisys trailer review


The Arnold Schwarzenegger "I'll Be Back" Supercut

Arnold Schwarzenegger and John Milius on Conan The Barbarian

Jurassic Park (8/10) Movie CLIP - Clever Girl (1993) HD

Stephen Colbert reacts to Star Wars VII trailer; defends new lightsaber design

Wes Anderson Presents: Star Wars Force Awakens Trailer

I'm Han Solo - Kinect Star Wars Gameplay

Star Wars (NES) Soundtrack - Stereo


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Episode 22 has landed and it's Game of Thrones related again as Adam is still playing too much Playstation again. It could be work related, but it sounds more adventurous if I pretend he does what he wants rather than acts like a responsible person. :-)

Anyway, Charmaine joins me once again for the discussing of the first half of season three.

Music by Jez Aditore -


- The Queen’s continued quest for power.

- Our love and hate relationship with Stannis. Is there a devil and an angel on his shoulders?

- How Stannis’ story changes from the book and TV series.

- Storm’s End and Dragon Stone (I get the castles mixed up sorry, but you’ll understand).

- I sussed out what Theon did to the two boys correctly.

- Littlefinger vs Varys.

- Dany vs slavery.

- End of episode music.

- There is never a good sword fight at the right time!

- Nitpicking at the introduction of new characters with significant actors.


We quickly discuss a TV series that I’ve introduced to Charmaine (Deep Space Nine), the first five episodes to be exact. But also we touch on how it has aged as a series. It has been 20 years now.


Then we get back to GoTh discussion with our stand out moments from the series.


- Finding out who the King beyond the wall is.

- The introduction of the white walkers.

- Theon’s toerture.

- Mormontas death.

- Margery and her relationship with Joffery.

- More female characters as the series progresses.

- Dragons and people’s lack of reaction to them.

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