(The Podcast of Winterfell)


Charmaine joins me again for the end of season two of Game of Thrones. We discuss here the last four episodes. 


In this episode we discuss:


Sansa’s period and can the Hound smell period blood?


The Queen gives a hard dose of reality to those she speaks to.


Great Jamie Lannister scenes.


Tywin is a man I can respect.


Sex clothes. I can predict when a sex scene is going to happen.


Theon Greyjoy and his burning of two boys. I’m confused or am I correct and just don’t know it?


Admiration for Stannis.


Can the Stark kids go home? Where will their storylines take them. I make predictions.


How was Winterfell sacked?


The Direwolves and uncanny valley.


The kidnapping of dragons.


The battle of Blackwater. A quick maths calculation of men and ships and a massive nickpick of writer’s convenience.


Tyrion and his fall from grace after Blackwater. 



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Since our last episode on JPG, I’ve watched the whole of the first series  of Game of Thrones again and have started reading the first 'A Song of Ice and Fire' book plusnoted the differences between the two mediums. I ask loads of questions again and get the names all jumbled u', but our guest Charmaine does a good job of getting me back on track.


Discussion points.


What happens on a second viewing? 


Concept of time in the books and series.


Can Stannis make more assassins via sex?


Unexpected fantasy elements.


Starting an army in Quarth.


Tyrion is a bold speaker and his love for Joffery.


The Queen’s lack of empathy.


Joffery’s lack of interest in women and his corruption through power.


Syrio the sword master, where did he came from?


I don’t understand why Jon Snow is in the wrong for beating his comrades in training.


Jon’s disappointment in the wall.


Aiya speaking names for bedtime.


Aiya and Jaqen H'ghar.


The death of Renly and the Tyrell’s.


My predictions for what the Tyrell’s will do.


Why is Ser Davos called the Onion Knight?


Is the Hound a good guy?


See Jorah, can Dany mix business with pleasure?


Theon Greyjoy’s fall from grace.


Things I don’t take in from watching the series.


The children are older in the series and I like that.


Communicating thoughts characters have in the books into the series.


The wolves and their relationship.



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