(The North Remembers That Emotion)

Welcome back to our second in the series of podcasts for our TV series catchup/introduction.

Charmaine returns and we discuss Game of Thrones and Futurama.

Please note, while Charmaine sat 1 foot away from my Blue Mic and I was a metre away, I still end up speaking louder than her. Next time, she's holding the damn thing!

Show Notes:

Ned Flanders reads Harry Potter

Everyone Hates Ned Flanders

What About Bob Movie Trailer Bill Murray

Record needle scratch sound effect - realsoundFX

Futurama Theme Song

futurama songs part 1

Futurama songs part 2

AmfyBIOS - Futurama Theme Song (Dubstep Remix)

Futurama Theme - 'Ultimate' Techno Remix

Game of Thrones - Original Soundtrack - Season 1 - Full Album

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Episode 17 After Show


Discussion of presentation styles, product numbering with regard to the iPhone. 


Quick Marvel and DC discussion


Some quick trips down memory lane.


Next episode discussion and reflection.


Talking about a new podcast series I’m announcing.


Focused vs unfocused in podcasting styles.


Some discussion of my adventures with Game of Thrones. - 20:00


Other contemporary TV shows. 


Bed Desks for my laptop! I want one.


The iTug.


How does the Apple Watch work at work?


Ben Kingsley said something possible important.

Family Guy and the germans.



My back to the future movie is done.


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In this special episode we dig deep into the latest announcements from Apple.

Show Notes




Sound Clips - Apple advert - boring - One More Thing - Shaun of the dead - Winchester Plan - apple store opening in china - You Shall Not Pass - Hand in Jar - iPhone 6 Advert - To Be The Man (Ric Flair ‘woo’) - Are you Geared Up?



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It's amazing to me that Thanos is pink skinned! A quick discussion of gender and racial representation in Marvel. 

Music and clips:

Everything You Need to Know About Thanos - Comics History 101

Thanos Theme-Marvel Super Heroes Soundtrack

Does He Look Like A Bitch?

Baby’s in Black 

Private William Hudson - THE ULTIMATE BADASS

Paint it Black 

Tomb Raider 1 Theme Music

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