1 - Alex Didn't Use a Proper Mic (edited)

An irregular podcast featuring your host Jonathan, with alternating guest hosts Alex and Adam. In each podcast we'll talk about what's happening in the world of journalism, photography, mixed in with plenty of geek; where geek can bring almost literally anything to the discussion table. 

In our first episode we get to grips with podcasting while at the same time discussing what is probably the best iOS Photography Magazine on the Apple App Store in the form of 'Once Magazine'(but most definitely the best magazine overall), Apple's 25 Billion Apps promo, a slew of iOS photography Apps for the iPhone and iPad, a curious iPhone case, a music recommendation and a year's break to Canada.

Apps mentioned:

Once Magazine, 360 Panorama, PhotoSynth, Nostalgio, PicStich, KinoTopic

Intro Music 'Digital Love' by Da Chip at

Exit Music 'Around the World' also by Da Chip.

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