The second part of our two part discussion of Jodie Foster's 1997 film 'Contact' with Chris.

Chris wants to bring movies to JPG that we can question because they leave us with something to think about. We'll try to explore these themes and questions further.

In part two we let you know that no matter how heated it got in part one, everything's okay between us. Even if we turn things up to 11 and argue big time about technlogy and whether technology actually makes us happy as a society and on an dividual level. I drop the f bomb and I then end everything by cutting through the bullshit that is the ending of 'Contact'.

An insightful, but ranty nitpicking discussion. 

At the end I sign off with our next movie for those that want to rewatch another classic before we podcast it.

Show Music

Daft Punk - Contact

Contact soundtrack

Huey Lewis - Power of Love